Digital Variable Multisystem

Digital Variable Multisystem


Revolutionising larger airconditioning installations in South Africa, Samsung's Digital Variable Multisystem ensures highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly airconditioning for commercial use as well as upmarket luxury homes.

  • A single variable-capacity exterior compressor linked to multiple indoor units can be positioned up to 170 metres away for easy concealment.

  • Up to 50 metres allowable height difference between indoor and outdoor units allows for airconditioning of multiple storeys.

  • Each room or office has individual temperature control.

  • Samsung's DVM compressor has a variable capacity from 10% to 100%. Thus if only one or two indoor units are in operation, the compressor operates at a fraction of its capacity, effecting major electricity savings.

  • Capacities from 60 000 BTU/hr up to 520 000 BTU/hr allow for the airconditioning of a variable number of different rooms from one exterior unit.

  • Samsung's DVM unit can be linked to a variety of indoor units: midwall splits, ceiling cassette units, ducted units or underceilings.

  • Ultra-modern energy-efficient airconditioning, backed by the nationwide support of Samsung Air!



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